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Jul 25, 2018

For this two-part series, consider me your tour guide, as I’ll be guiding you through the wide range of wilderness that is Yosemite, the history and background of a sadistic killer, and, as always, we’ll take a moment to celebrate the lives of the victims.

Writer: Aaron Arlotti

Music Attribution:

Shore Plover - Tracker - 15 Vacate

Shore Plover - Tracker - 07 Peppermint

Shore Plover - Tracker - 11 Date

Shore Plover - Tracker - 12 Weird Sixteen

Shore Plover - Tracker - 16 Paintbrush

Sinister Dark Ambient Music - Dark Road

Castleview - Desolation - 02 Meditating Reaper

Aer Leabhar - Improvisations III - 04 XXXIX

Epiglottis - She Unraveled The Heavens and The Light Shone Through - Her Fifth Visit - -Suicide Attempt

See website for the many sources.

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