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Aug 8, 2018

Fake News. It's a term we've heard sprout up within recent years but what exactly is it? In the past we called this yellow journalism, a type of news based on little research in order to invoke emotions, sensationalise stories, and push propaganda through misleading and eye-catching headlines with the intent to sell newspapers.

Over a hundred years later, we would witness the newspaper industry's steady decline as the ability to access news and other information through the internet became more prevalent. And while print tabloids may now be on the endangered species list, Yellow Journalism, or “Fake News” as we now call it, would see a second wave more widespread than Hearst or Pulitzer were likely to have ever imagined.

In this episode of Obscura we cover Jerad and Amanda Miller. Two people who were hell bent on dying for a cause and willing to use fake news to do so.


Vanishing Kevin MacLeod (
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CO.AG - Haunting Atmospheric Soundscape - Dark memories of the past still linger

The Holy Club - And How Fire Runs Far as the Sea

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Brickmaker March (fife and drum)


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